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  • Commercial Aviation

    Commercial aviation is becoming more demanding, competitive and complex every day. Numerous interrelated and dependent processes revolve around each flight. Synchronization and coordination are necessary factors to achieve maximum efficiency in time and resources.

    iCOM lists and combines all the processes related to the air operation; facilitates pilot planning and decision-making and provides information to companies to improve efficiency and optimize resources.
  • Executive Aviation

    Business aviation is characterized by its flexibility. A sector adapted to the maximum to the needs of each client to offer comfort, efficiency and safety.

    Through iCOM, executive flights meet the needs and expectations of their customers, also guaranteeing the maximum confidentiality that they demand.
  • Military Aviation

    Air operations in the military field require precision, confidentiality, security and efficiency.

    iCOM makes it possible to obtain the necessary information for each mission quickly, rigorously, facilitating safer and more efficient decision-making and guaranteeing the total protection and reservation of data.

iCom modules


Solution to carry out all the calculations associated with the flight plan in a simple and precise way. It allows you to manage various planning options, view the flight profile and have all the data related to the operation and the aircraft.

• Analyzes the routes according to the operator's criteria and relates and crosses the data associated with the flight plan.

• Information is displayed in an intuitive and easy-to-use format.


Aircraft position tracking service that provides realtime
information on the company's flights around
the world, being able to track individual flights or
the company's entire fleet.


Module that shows the NOTAMs of airspace and airports relative to the flight and the selected route.

NOTAM positioning on iMAP and content visualization clearly and quickly.


Electronic folder with flight documents. Manages the security reports file, the company's internal reports and the documentation of the operation.

The documents are automatically saved in the cloud and digitally signed by the captain or copilot of each flight.

The documents will remain accessible to the company for any consultation or audit of a public regulator.


It contains the manuals that must go in the flight deck and allows them to be consulted quickly and comfortably. It allows the inclusion of personal annotations of the pilot. It includes a verification system for revisions and updates.

In addition to the operating manuals, you can store any documentation that may be in electronic format during the flight, for example, the identification documents of the plane, the insurance or the company itself.


Meteorological information on airports and the route with high temporal and spatial resolution. It allows anticipating atmospheric conditions in time, according to the operational flight plan. Graphical representation in 4D on iMAP to facilitate its interpretation. Visualization of factors such as wind, temperature, turbulence or icing.

When connectivity is available during the flight, this information can be updated in real time and presented on the maps to the pilots.


Module with pilot information aimed at facilitating the control of his activity. It contains the flight schedule, hours of activity and rest, valid dates of licenses and other professional documentation, training courses and aeronautical information.


Electronic management of all the documents that must be completed on each flight in accordance with aeronautical regulations. Includes personal electronic signature, document filing and statistical analysis capacity. It improves the efficiency and coordination of processes, such as maintenance management through the electronic Technical Log or the distribution of safety reports.


Operation calculation system with graphical representation of results for takeoff and landing according to runway conditions. It calculates data for all phases of the flight, anticipating anomalous situations, such as engine failure or depressurization, and anticipating scenarios that guarantee the safety of the flight.

It contemplates the link with the operational flight plan for an immediate data query.


Intelligent tool for managing checklists of the different phases of the flight. It incorporates control filters and an alert system that reinforces the safety of the air operation.


Graphic representation of the air route and the position of the aircraft, linked to the flight plan data. General and selective visualization of the route, airports and all events related to the operation, improving the pilot's situational awareness and operational decision-making.


Innovative, intuitive and dynamic flow of flight planning presentation. It facilitates the analysis of each operational scenario and reinforces the pilots' awareness of the flight conditions. It allows a quick analysis and helps pilots acquire a clear awareness of the conditions under which the flight is expected to be executed.



Pilots using iCOM


Flights operated


Years operating  24x7

Since we have been using iCOM, we have the information we need at the right time. Everything is much easier and faster during the flight and we can focus on our job.
Javier Martin-Sanz

A350-900 Captain
The preparation time on the ground for each of the flights has been reduced by less than half and the post-flight process by more than 70%.
Mariano Heredero

Ground Operations
The security incidents detected in the periodic audits have disappeared since we have all the digitized and electronically signed documentation.
Manolo Chamorro

Airline (OneAirways) CEO

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